GTK's Green Mining projects

GTK acts as a co-ordinator in eleven reserch projects and as a partner in two projects. The aim of the projects is:
- To make Finland into a global forerunner of responsible minerals economy by 2020
- To develop, in addition to conventional extraction activities, new business requiring leading skills that offer export opportunities to Finnish mining sector companies
- To achieve global leader status for Finnish mineral industry research in selected sectors.

  List of projects
  CCCP - Compact, Combined and Co-working Pretreatments for Mining Industry
  CLOSEDURE - Mine Closure Technologies Resource
  Developing Deep Mining Camp Exploration
  NovTecEx - Novel technologies for greenfield exploration
  PreGOLD – Bio-oxidation and autoclave pressure oxidation of gold bearing concentrates
  SEEWAY - Smart Mine Water Treatment System
  UltraLIM - Ultra low-impact exploration methods in the subarctic
  DynaMine – Dynamic Control of Underground Mining Operations
  WaterSmart – Management of the water balance and quality in mining areas
  Closed projects
  ARSENAL – Arsenic Control in Mining Processes and Extractive Industry
  MINERES - Mining place as a renewable energy source
  REPRO -Assessment of Rare Earth Metal Recovery Processes
  SAM – Sustainable Acceptable Mining
  PROSU – Process Scale-up for Sulphide Poor PGE Ores
  MINIMAN – Solutions for Control of Nitrogen Discharges at Mines and Quarries



Kylylahti Mine. Photo: Joonas Toivanen, GTK


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