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Gravity and heavy medium separation

Gravity and heavy medium separation methods are used when separating minerals with different specific gravity. Typical examples of such industrial minerals include chromite and kimberlite. The method is also used in precious metal and sulphide ore combination processes and a variety of recycling processes as an auxiliary method.

GTK's Mineral Processing Unit has extensive experience in application of this separation technique.

Laboratory studies usually start with small-scale shaking table tests and their mineralogical studies.

The test factory provides several types of spiral separators and full-scale shaking tables to be used in testing. There is also a Knelson centrifugal separator available.

Pneumatic separators, such as a sluice, a jig, and a vibrating table, can be used for dry-process application studies.

Basics of heavy medium separation can be studied with an Erickson cone in the case of a small amount of samples. In the test factory, a drum separator for pebble-sized materials (75 mm) and a dynamic Dyna Whirlpool separator (DWP) for fine-grained materials (-15 mm) is available. Mediums used in separation are ferro-silicon fractions.

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