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Lahaye, Yann, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Finland Isotope Geosciences Laboratory (SIGL)
Yann Lahaye
 Work Address:
Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
Betonimiehenkuja 4
02150, Espoo

Tel. +358 50 348 7625 

Research interests:
  • Radiogenic isotope systems (geochronology and isotopic fingerprinting)
  • Non-traditional Stable Isotope Measurements in ore deposit and Mine Waste Studies

1: Raju, P.V., E. Hanski, and Y. Lahaye, in press. LA-MC-ICP-MS dating of zircon from chromitite of the Archean Bangur gabbro complex, Orissa, India – ambiguities and constraints. Geologica Acta.
2: Dörr, W., G. Zulauf, A. Gerdes, Y. Lahaye, and G. Kowalczyk, in press. Exhumation and distribution of a peri-Gondwanan Tonian basement in the eastern Mediterranean: Age constraints from U-Pb data of magmatic and detrital zircons of the External Hellenides (Crete and Peloponnesus), Precambrian Research.
3: Maier, W.D., B. Rasmussen, I. Fletcher, B. Godel, S.J. Barnes, L. Fisher, S. Yang, H. Huhma, and Y. Lahaye, in press. Petrogenesis of the 2.765-2.775 Ga Monts de Cristal 1 Complex, Gabon: evidence for direct precipitation of Pt-rich phases from basaltic magma. Journal of Petrology.
4: Lahtinen, R., H. Huhma, Y. Lahaye, J. Kousa, and J. Luukas. 2015. Archean-Proterozoic collision boundary in central Fennoscandia: Revisited, Precambrian Research, 261, 127-165.
5: Lehtonen, M., Y. Lahaye, H. O’Brien, S. Lukkari, J. Marmo, and P. Sarala, 2015. Novel technologies for indicator mineral-based exploration. Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper 57: 23−62.
6: Lahtinen, R., H. Huhma, Y. Lahaye, E. Jonsson, T. Manninen, L.S. Lauri, S. Bergman, F. Hellström, T. Niiranen, and M. Nironen. 2015. New geochronological and Sm-Nd constraints across the Pajala shear zone of northern Fennoscandia: Reactivation of a Paleoproterozoic suture, Precambrian Research, 256, 102-119.
7: Nevelainen, J., M. Väisänen, Y. Lahaye, E. Heilimo, and S. Frödjö, 2014. Svecofennian intra orogenic gabbroic magmatism: a case study from Turku, southwestern Finland. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland, 86: 93-112.
8: Suikkanen, E., H. Huhma, M. Kurhila, and Y. LAHAYE, 2014. The age and origin of the Vaasa migmatite complex revisited. Bulletin of the geological society of Finland, 86: 41-55.
9: Weisenberger, T.B., S. Spürgin, and Y. Lahaye, 2014. Hydrothermal alteration and zeolitization of the Fohberg phonolite, Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Complex, Germany. Int. J. Earth Sci., 103, 2273–2300.
10: Rämö, O.T., V. Turkki, I. Mänttäri, A.P. Heinonen, K. Larjamo, and Y. lahaye, 2014. Age and isotopic fingerprints of some plutonic rocks in the Wiborg rapakivi granite batholith with special reference to the dark wiborgite of the Ristisaari Island. Bulletin of the Geological society of Finland, 86, 71-91.
11: Alt, K.W., V. Oelze, Y. Lahaye, J. Weix, W. Dörr, and S. Klein, 2014. Identifizierung von Einheimischen und Ortsfremden in der Mehrfachbestattung Grab 244 aus Ergolding anhand standorttypischer Strontiumisotopie, p. 70-73, in: H. Koch, (Ed.), Frühmittelalterliche Adelsgräber aus Ergolding, Verlag Dr. Faustus, Büchenbach.
12: Yang, S.-H., W.D. Maier, Y. Lahaye, and H. O’Brien, 2013. Strontium isotope disequilibrium of plagioclase in the Upper Critical Zone of the Bushveld Complex: evidence for mixing of crystal slurries. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 156, 969-974
13: Lahtinen, R., H. Huhma, Y. Lahaye, A. Kontinen, J. Kohonen, and B. Johanson, 2013. Long-lived LREE mobility in the cratonic, rift and foredeep to foreland sedimentary cover at the western margin of the Karelia Province, Lithos, 175-176, 86-103.
14: Klein, S., H.-M. Von Kaenel , Y. Lahaye, and G.P. Brey, 2012. The early Roman imperial AES coinage III: chemical and isotopic characterisation of Augustan copper coins from the mint of Lyons/Lugdunum. Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau, 91, 63-110.
15: Väisänen, M., O. Eklund, Y. Lahaye, H. O'Brien, S. Fröjdö, K. Högdahl, and M. Lammi, 2012. Intra-orogenic Svecofennian magmatism in SW Finland constrained by LA-MC-ICP-MS zircon dating and geochemistry. GFF, 134, 99-114.
16: Saalmann, K., A. Gerdes, Y. Lahaye, L.A. Hartmann, M.V.D. Remus, and A. Läufer, 2011. Multiple accretion at the eastern margin of the Rio de la Plata craton: the prolonged Brasiliano orogeny in southernmost Brazil. Int. J. Earth Sci., 100, 355-378.
17: Rutanen, H., U.B. Andersson, M. Väisänen, Å. Johansson, S. Fröjdö, Y. Lahaye, and O. Eklund, 2011. 1.8 Ga magmatism in southern Finland: strongly enriched mantle and juvenile crustal sources in a post collisional setting. International Geology Review, 53, 1622-1683.
18: Huhma, Hannu; O'Brien, Hugh; Lahaye, Yann; Mänttäri, Irmeli 2011. Isotope geology and Fennoscandian lithosphere evolution. In: Geoscience for society : 125th anniversary volume. Geological Survey of Finland. Special Paper 49. Espoo: Geological Survey of Finland, 35-48. [Fulltext] [2.45 MB]
19: Mikkola, P., A. Kontinen, H. Huhma, and Y. Lahaye, 2010. Three paleoproterozoic A-type granite intrusions and associated dykes from Kainuu, East Finland. Bulletin of the Geological society of Finland, 82, 81-100.
20: Mänttäri, I., T. Pere, J. Engström, and Y. Lahaye, 2010. U-Pb ages for PGR dykes, KFP, and adjacent older leucosomic PGRs from ONKALO underground research facility, Olkiluoto, Eurajoki, SW Finland. Posiva Oy. Working report 2010, 31, 52p.
21: Rico, C., C. Domergue, M. Rauzier, S. Klein, Y. Lahaye, G. Brey, and H.-M. Von Kaenel, 2010. La provenance des lingots de cuivre romains de Maguelone (Hérault, France). Étude archéologique et archéométrique. Revue archéologique de Narbonnaise, 38-39, 459-472.
22: Wagner, T., M. Okrusch, S. Weyer, J.A. Lorenz, Y. Lahaye, H. Taubald, and R.T. Schmidtt, 2010. The role of the Kupferschiefer in the formation of hydrothermal base metal mineralization in teh Spessart ore district, Germany: insight from detailed sulfur isotope studies. Mineral Deposita, 45, 217-239.
23: Väisänen, M.; Eklund, O.; Lahaye, Y.; O'Brien, H.; Fröjdö, S.; Lammi, M. 2010. Intra-orogenic Svecofennian magmatism in SW Finland : evidence from LA-ICP-MS zircon dating and geochemistry. In: Lithosphere 2010 : Sixth Symposium on the Structure, Composition and Evolution of the Lithosphere in Finland, Helsinki, October 27-28, 2010 : programme and extended abstracts. Institute of Seismology. University of Helsinki. Report S-55. Helsinki: Institute of Seismology, 151-154.
24: Huhma, H.; Mänttäri, I.; Peltonen, P.; Halkoaho, T.; Hölttä, P.; Juopperi, H.; Konnunaho, J.; Kontinen, A.; Lahaye, Y.; Luukkonen, E.; Pietikäinen, K.; Sorjonen-Ward, P. 2010. Age and Sm-Nd isotopes on the Archean greenstone belts in Finland. In: Lithosphere 2010 : Sixth Symposium on the Structure, Composition and Evolution of the Lithosphere in Finland, Helsinki, October 27-28, 2010 : programme and extended abstracts. Institute of Seismology. University of Helsinki. Report S-55. Helsinki: Institute of Seismology, 13-16.
25: Kogarko, L. N.; Lahaye, Y.; Brey, G. P. 2010. Plume-related mantle sources of super-large rare metal deposits from the Lovozero and Khibina massifs on the Kola Peninsula, eastern part of Baltic Shield : Sr, Nd and Hf isotope systematics. Mineralogy and Petrology 98 (1-4), 197-208.
26: O'Brien, Hugh; Lahaye, Yann; Huhma, Hannu; Laukkanen, Jukka 2010. SIGL 2010 update - present capabilities and future directions. In: 7th National Geological Colloquium 2010, [Helsinki] : abstracts. Department of Geosciences and Geography. C 1. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, 35-36.
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Ph.D., Geochemistry/Petrology, Université de Rennes, France, 1995
“Diplome d’Etude Approfondies”, Université de Rennes, France, 1992

Work history:  
2008- Manager LA-MC-ICPMS laboratory, Geological Survey of Finland
2000 - 2008 Postdoctoral Research – Responsible for ICP-MS and laser ablation maintenance, Institut Für Mineralogie, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1996 - 2000 Postdoctoral Research, Monash University in collaboration with BHP and Western Mining Company, Melbourne, Australia
1995 - 1996 Postdoctoral Research, University of Montreal, Canada

Recent and ongoing research activities:
2008 - LA-MC-ICPMS laboratory development, GTK

Other scientific activities:

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