Areas of scientific expertise and competence development


  Sustainable mineral economics

Studies related to sustainable mineral economics respond to the future demand for minerals and metals in the circular economy, investigate socioeconomic and environmental impacts, and take into account the change in the mix of needed minerals and metals. arrow Read more


The geoinformatics competence area covers expertise in the entire value chain of geodata within GTK. arrow Read more


Studies related to the competence area of material research contribute to challenges related to geomaterials, including mineral-based products, waste utilization, recycling and substitution. arrow Read more 

  Mine and industrial environments

Studies related to mine and industrial environments and resource efficiency aim at solving challenges related to environmental protection and the social license in sustainable resource use. arrow Read more


The focus areas of research and surveys include groundwater/surface water interactions, groundwater geochemistry, and hydrogeological monitoring and modelling of different natural, infrastructural and industrial environments. arrow Read more


GTK promotes know-how and project activities related to low temperature geothermal energy (Low-T geoenergy) sources and their viable application in heating and cooling solutions. arrow Read more

  Geoscientific City Modelling 

GTK promotes know-how and project activities related to the application of geoscientific expertise, data and geomodels in sustainable urban development and in building information modelling (BIM). arrow Read more

  Geosciences for Underground Construction

Studies related to the underground construction competence area contribute to addressing challenges arising from societal needs, where applied geology can provide new solutions. arrow Read more