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Mineral resources and Exploration

Finland is a European hub for mineral exploration and mine development. Geoscientific base data over Finland is probably the best in the world. GTK promotes sustainable use of rock and mineral resources. Our work forms the basis for long-term investment by industries and society in the mineral and energy sectors to assure stable employment and prosperity. GTK information and expert services are relied on at both the national and international level.

Mining environments

All the stages of a mine’s life cycle require knowledge of the environmental impacts based on adequate expertise. One of GTK’s strengths is in having a total view of geology. It allows for reliable assessment of the environmental impacts of mining. Forecasting changes, on the other hand, helps in controlling and minimising hazardous impacts. Knowledge of the natural changes and condition of soil, groundwater, and lake and stream sediments before commencing mining operations provide a solid basis for GTK’s environmental reports and transparent and open impact and risk assessment.


Baseline studies
Our baseline studies describe the deposit's natural conditions before taking action that causes significant changes to the environment. The study provides the basic information for planning mining activity. Read more

Environmental impact assessment of mining wastes and by-products
We define the properties and environmental qualification of mining waste, and compile data as required by regulations, and with the required expertise. Read more

Groundwater studies in mine sites
Environmental risk assessment
GTK's environmental risk assessment has been developed through multi-disciplinary co-operation. Read more

Treatment of mine waters
We provide expertise in suitability assessment of wetland purification and in wetland treatment planning, and monitoring. Read more

Isotopes in exploration
We have a growing research group in accessory mineral and metal isotope geochemistry of ore-forming systems. Read more

Mineralogy in exploration
The facilities and expertise of the applied mineralogy laboratory supports the on-going mineral exploration in house and with other researchers in different companies and industries. Read more



Mining environments