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Mineral resources and Exploration

Finland is a European hub for mineral exploration and mine development. Geoscientific base data over Finland is probably the best in the world. GTK promotes sustainable use of rock and mineral resources. Our work forms the basis for long-term investment by industries and society in the mineral and energy sectors to assure stable employment and prosperity. GTK information and expert services are relied on at both the national and international level.


Finland offers the exploration industry a favorable investment and operating environment with significant potential for new discoveries as many commodities still are highly underexplored. Present activity is concentrated in gold, platinum group metals, base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals. Finland has excellent geological databases, good infrastructure and readily available exploration services. These factors make operating in Finland attractive and cost effective.

Geophysical services
We have long-term expertise and experience in multi-purpose surveying methods, ground surveys, and processing and interpretation of results. Read more

Ore deposit modelling and mineral resource evaluation
We perform 3D modelling and mineral resources evaluations of ore, industrial minerals and other geological resources based on the customer's data. Read more

Ore potential evaluation
For regional evaluation of potential ore, we provide comprehensive bedrock and soil data, which can be supplemented with the customer's data for the area in question. Read more

Sampling services
Professional samplers and state-of-the-art sampling equipment are pivotal for a good outcome. Read more

Exploration for diamond and other deposits using indicator mineral studies
We provide customized, high quality diamond exploration services with complete confidentiality to companies both within Finland and abroad. Read more

Isotopes in exploration
We have a growing research group in accessory mineral and metal isotope geochemistry of ore-forming systems. Read more

Mineralogy in exploration
The facilities and expertise of the applied mineralogy laboratory supports the on-going mineral exploration in house and with other researchers in different companies and industries. Read more


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