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Land use and construction

GTK’s land use and construction segment supports public and private-sector decisions related to land use by providing user-focused materials and expert services, promoting land use solutions that consider economic and environmental factors in construction of urban growth centres, and supporting implementation of the Baltic Sea Strategy and the EU Marine Strategy Directive.


Finland is completely self-sufficient in terms of groundwater and we would have a lot of capacity for exporting. There are 6,350 groundwater areas in Finland and they form 5.4 million cubic metres of groundwater every day. We only use 10% of all groundwater. There are approximately 1,600 waterworks in Finland, plenty of water cooperatives and 10% of the population use water from their own wells as domestic water. Approximately 60% of the water distributed by public waterworks is groundwater and the rest is surface water.

We provide assistance in structural surveys, modelling of groundwater flow, evaluating the state and the interaction of surface and groundwater. Read more

Isotopes in exploration
We have a growing research group in accessory mineral and metal isotope geochemistry of ore-forming systems. Read more

Mineralogy in exploration
The facilities and expertise of the applied mineralogy laboratory supports the on-going mineral exploration in house and with other researchers in different companies and industries. Read more



Maankamara-karttapalvelu    Read more

Geochemical baselines (TAPIR)
Map service provides statistics of soil geochemical baselines from areas with elevated arsenic or metal concentrations. The upper limit value of baseline variation can be used in the assessment of soil contamination and remediation needs. The service includes also links to reports of detailed baseline studies from some cities.

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Geochemistry - Map of geochemical environmental effects. Functions in Finnish and Swedish.
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