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Due to the increasing global demand for natural resources demand for geological expertise is also increasing. There is a global lack of expertise in matters related to, for example, geological mapping, information management of geodata, assessment of raw materials, and groundwater. This can also be seen increasingly in matters related to the environment. As a result of this, GTK has increased its activeness and strengthened its international role as a research institute, a creator of a common data foundation at the EU level and a realiser of development policies.

GTK strives to follow its strategy and become a European expert in the field of natural resources. GTK already has a key role in Finland’s and the EU’s mineral policies. GTK is a member of the organisation of European Geological Surveys (EuroGeosurveys), working groups of the European Commission and networks promoting sustainable use. In development cooperation projects GTK emphasises the importance of sustainable development based on raw materials.

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EuroGeosurveys (EGS) is an organisation that includes over 30 European geological surveys.

The goal of the organisation is to address the European issues related to geology, to promote the contribution of geosciences to EU affairs, and to provide a network between the geological surveys.

The organisation works mostly in subject- and directive-specific work groups, in most of which GTK has a representative. As a member of EGS, working groups of European Commission and networks promoting sustainable use (e.g. ETP-SMR), GTK can influence the EU’s mineral policy programme and other key initiatives.

International cooperation for developing geoscientific information and information technology is becoming even closer. Significant matters in which GTK participated include EU’s Raw Material Initiative, EU’s INSPIRE directive and Finland’s legislation on geodata, the directive for protecting the soil, the marine strategy framework directive, implementing the water framework directive, and EU’s energy strategy and safety.

GTK participates in several international geological conferences annually to increase top-level scientific cooperation and develop expertise. Significant research findings are published in highly respected peer reviewed scientific series.

In the work of the extractive sector, GTK participates in marketing for the Finnish extractive industry and also markets its own services and expertise related to the field. In this work GTK also promotes the results of its international projects and the opportunities of the mineral sector of developing countries with its partners.

In Finland’s neighbouring regions, GTK cooperated with the Karelian, Kola and Komi science centres of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the Russian Geological Research Institute VSEGEI. Cooperation with Russia has a long tradition that is based on similar geological environments.