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Sample archives and collections

We have commenced the presentation of the sample archives and collections using the following datasets:

Cores of bedrock drillings

Syväkairausten kairasydämet Solid rock samples extracted from the bedrock using a drill rig that have been taken for the purpose of ore exploration, rock engineering and other bedrock surveying.

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Type samples for bedrock surveys

Kallioperäkartoituksen tyyppinäytteet For the purpose of preparing bedrock maps, usually grab samples taken with a rock hammer from surface of the outcrop.

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Bedrock age determination samples

Kallioperän ikänäytteet Whole rock grab samples and the separation products produced during processing of the samples.

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Thin sections for bedrock research and mapping

Kallioperätutkimuksen- ja kartoituksen hieet Thin rock slab samples (light-permeable) produced for the purpose of microscopic study.

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Bedrock sample analysis powders

Kallioperänäytteiden analyysijauheet Processed rock powders taken from various bedrock samples (e.g. core samples, rock piece and block samples) for the purpose of chemical analyses.

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Till geochemistry sample series

Alueellisen moreenigeokemiallisen kartoituksen näytteet

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Peat study samples

Turvetutkimusten näytteet Drilled core samples of peat taken from investigated mires.

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Diatom slides

Piileväkestopreparaatit Microscopic permanent preparations.

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Pollen preparations

Siitepölypreparaatit Comprises the reference collection for pollen (1400) in addition to the model collection (1000) and various samples taken from commissioned surveys (1500).

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Mineral and rock type collection

Mineraali- ja kivilajikokoelma Samples of minerals, rock types, gems and precious stones that are displayed in the GTK geoexhibition.

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