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Price list for Geophysical laboratory measurements

Price list for Geophysical laboratory measurements (VAT is not included) per measurement
Initial charge 40,00
Sample preparation from  11,00 
Measurements /sample (laboratories of Espoo, Kuopio and Rovaniemi )
Density (D) 4,00
Magnetic susceptibility (K) and inductive resistivity (RI) 5,50
Remanent magnetization (MR), fluxgate 5,50
DKMR / DKMRO (O, orientation of remanent magnetization, fluxgate) 11,50
Measurements /sample (laboratory of Espoo )
Remanent magnetization (MR), spinner 10,00
Galvanic resistivity (Rg) at three frequencies and IP effect (IP) 5,50
Porosity (P) 8,00
Seismic P-wave velocity (VP) 8,00
Gamma ray + radiogenic heat production (U, Th, K) 33,00
Gamma ray (Cs)  33,00
Thermal conductivity (λ) 33,00
Specific heat capacity ( c) 55,00
Remanent magnetization with alternating field (AF)-demagnetization from  50,00
Remanent magnetization with thermal (Th) demagnetization from  50,00
Lowrie-test (3-axis IRM, spinner measurements + Th demagnetization) 75,00
IRM acquisition curve (15 fields + spinner measurements) 75,00
Production of Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetization (ARM) 30,00
Thermomagnetic measurement (susceptibility/temperature) 30,00
Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) 10,00