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Information services

These pages are the centralised location for details concerning public information material possessed by GTK.

The Hakku search service is the central distribution channel for spatial data products or publications, reports, map drawings and photos produced by GTK.


The online store offers printed publications and maps.

The library website contains a wide selection of geological literature and maps. It also offers GTK's archive services.

The Summon service is a gateway to even more extensive sets of material.

Theme-specific map services provide a regional, cartographic approach to geologcal information and related interpretations.

In regard to map products and surveying and observation material, you should check the metadata supplied with the product to verify that the information product is suitable for the intended use. You can also check this by contacting our experts. Also, please note that not all spatial data products have been migrated to the Hakku service.

The terms of use for products in online distribution
Basic licence
Open licence (a list of open content products)


Information services


Geologic index terms

Geoterms (MOT)
Multilingual thesaurus (MOT)

E-dictionaries, e-reference works

Glossary of Geology (AGI)
Encyclopedia of Geology, Elsevier
Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, Elsevier

Bibliografic databases

GeoRef-database (AGI)
ETDEWEB - World Energy Base