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December 21, 2007: Endomines reports on drilling at the Kivimaa copper-gold occurrence, western Finland (in Swedish)

December 20, 2007: Dragon Mining reports on recent gold-rich intercepts from its Hanhimaa prospect, northern Finland

December 20, 2007: Vulcan Resources received approval for mining and processing operations at Kylylahti, eastern Finland

December 18, 2007: Endomines detects a new lode 1.5 km north of the Pampalo deposit, eastern Finland (in Swedish)

December 10, 2007: The Ministry of Trade and Industry has published the guide "Exploration and Mining in Finland's Protected Areas, the Sami Homeland and the Reindeer Herding Area"

December 6, 2007: ScanMining files for a bankruptcy (in Swedish)

December 4, 2007: Nortec reports on additional PGE and gold rich intersections from its Kaukua prospect, Finland

December 4, 2007: Talvivaara announces significant increase in Mineral Resource

November 30, 2007: Lappland Goldminers' update on exploration activities

November 30, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals update on recent activities at the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE

November 27, 2007: The Sixth Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) in Rovaniemi on 27–29 November

November 27, 2007: A comprehensive ore deposit database from the Fennoscandian Shield now available on the Internet

November 26, 2007: Update on the Lappland Goldminers - ScanMining agreement on gold deposits in Finland and Sweden

November 26, 2007: Nortec reports new mineralised intersections from the Kaukua PGE prospect, NE Finland

November 22, 2007: GTK calls for proposals on high-resolution deep reflection seismic surveys in mining camps in 2008

November 21, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals announces $40 million financing with leading Finnish investment institutions

November 20, 2007: Mantle Diamonds and Kopane Diamonds into JV in Finland

November 20, 2007: Drilling by Endomines indicates an 150 m extension to the Hosko gold occurrence, eastern Finland, extend (in Swedish)

November 15, 2007: Lappland Goldminers to acquire the Pahtavaara gold mine

November 14, 2007: Nortec completes drilling at the Kaukua PGE-gold project, NE Finland

November 13, 2007: Nordic Mines reports on increase in mineral resource at the Laivakangas gold project, western Finland (in Swedish)

November 13, 2007: Belvedere Resources' update on nickel mining and exploration activities in Finland

November 13, 2007: Finmetal Mining has identified a nickel sulphide zone at the Hälvälä mine, SE Finland: drilling to start in December

November 12, 2007: Vulcan Resources reports high nickel grades from the Sika-Aho Deposit, eastern Finland

November 10, 2007: Belvedere awarded Hirsikangas Gold Property in Finland through Public Tender

November 9, 2007: Ministry of Trade and Industry has sold the Hirsikangas gold prospect (western Finland) to Belvedere Resources

November 8, 2007: Talvivaara Mining Co gives an update on building nickel mine in eastern Finland

November 7, 2007: Vulcan Resources considers building processing plants both at Kylylahti and at Siilinjärvi, eastern and central Fnland

November 7, 2007: Vulcan Resources reports high grade interceptions from the Vaara Ni-PGE deposit in eastern Finland

November 6, 2007: Endomines reports high-grade intersections from the Muurinsuo gold prospect, eastern Finland (in Swedish)

November 6, 2007: Mawson stakes three uranium claims at Saramäki in Finland (46 KB)

October 31, 2007: North American Palladium announces scoping study results on Arctic Platinum Project, northern Finland

October 31, 2007: Update on Vulcan Resources' exploration in Finland

October 30, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds nearly doubles size of Kimberlite 14 in drilling three kimberlites in eastern Finland

October 26, 2007: Changes in the board of ScanMining AB and negotiations with creditors of the company (in Swedish)

October 25, 2007: Continuance of the Mining Act Reform Working Group until 30 April 2008

October25, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals orders authogenic mills for the Kevitsa nickel-copper-PGE project,northern Finland, with ore processing to start in 2010

October 24, 2007: Endomines applies for mining concession for the Hosko gold deposit, eastern Finland (in Swedish)

October 22, 2007: Vulcan Resources has restarted drilling in Kylylahti Co-Cu deposit and in Suomussalmi Ni-Cu-PGE prospects, eastern Finland

October 22, 2007: North American Palladium reports drill results at Ahmavaara PGE deposit, Finland; pilot plant operation and feasibility study commencing

October 19, 2007: Dragon Mining acquires the Tepasto molybdenum-copper project in northern Finland

October 18, 2007: Tertiary Minerals has started to drill a major iron ore target at Kolari, NW Finland

October 11, 2007: Significant upgrade of resources of the Kutema gold deposit at Orivesi, Finland

October 9, 2007: Belvedere acquires Luikonlahti Mill and concentrate facility in Eastern Finland

October 3, 2007: Karelian Diamonds update on kimberlite investigations at Kuhmo, eastern Finland

October 2, 2007: Nortec has started drilling at the Kaukua PGE-gold property, northeastern Finland

September 19, 2007: HgCapital has acquired talc mining group Mondo Minerals

September 19, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds starts to drill three diamondiferous kimberlite pipes in the Kaavi-Kuopio region of central Finland

September 14, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals commences further drilling at the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE project, northern Finland

September 13, 2007: Northland drilling the Kuervitikko Fe-Cu-Au deposit, westernmost northern Finland

September 13, 2007: Vulcan Resources reports on a high-grade Ni-Cu-PGE intercept at the Hietaharju deposit, NE Finland

September 12, 2007: Mining concession granted for Vulcan Resources for the Kylylahti Co-Cu deposit, eastern Finland

September 6, 2007: Belvedere reports on gold intercepts at Kiimala, western Finland

September 6, 2007: Inmet Mining into earn-in joint venture with Tertiary Minerals to explore the Vähäjoki iron-cobalt-gold deposit, northern Finland

September 5, 2007: Tertiary Minerals to target on the Sivakkalehto iron deposit, westernmost Finnish Lapland

August 28, 2007: Attu Zinc Ltd. update of exploration in SW Finland

August 24, 2007: Building started for the Talvivaara nickel mine, eastern Finland

August 23, 2007: Update on mining and exploration activities of ScanMining (in Swedish)

August 23, 2007: Northland Resources defines a NI43-101 compliant iron-copper-gold resource for Hannukainen, NW Finland

August 17, 2007: Dragon Mining announces resource estimates for Stormi and Ekojoki Ni deposits, SW Finland

August 15, 2007: Update on Sunrise Diamond's exploration projects in Finland

August 15, 2007: Endomines reports on extensive gold intercepts from a new lode near the Pampalo gold deposit, eastern Finland (in Swedish)

August 9, 2007: Belvedere Resources ships first concentrate from Särkiniemi Ni mine, and starts underground Ni exploration at Middle Hitura

August 7, 2007: Vulcan Resources getting extensive funding for development of Kylylahti cobalt and Kuhmo nickel projects in eastern Finland

August 7, 2007: Vulcan Resources reports on high Ni and PGE grades from recent drilling at Hietaharju, eastern Finland

August 2, 2007: Vulcan Resources to rise more funding for exploration in Finland

August 1, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds to start drill kimberlite pipes in central Finland

August 1, 2007: Dragon Mining granted exploration leases for a new region in northern Finland

July 30, 2007: Confirmed resource for the Sarvisuo lode at the Kutema gold mine of Dragon Mining, SW Finland

July 30, 2007: Nortec into JV with Akkerman Exploration on the Kaukua PGE project

July 30, 2007: Vulcan Resources quarterly report on exploration in Finland

July 18, 2007: Karelian Diamonds receives more funding for exploration in Finland

July 17, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals third quarter financial results; Kevitsa Project update

July 17, 2007: Northland provides update on metallurgical testwork at Hannukainen Iron-Copper-Gold Project, Finland

July 16, 2007: Dragon Mining update on exploration activities in Finland

July 12, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals announces positive pilot plant results for Kevitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE property

July 12, 2007: Infill drilling at NAP's Ahmavaara deposit at Suhanko Finland indicates good continuity of widths and grades

July 12, 2007: Lappland Goldminers completed the acquisition of Northern Lion Gold OY

July 6, 2007: Drilling at Sarvisuo (Orivesi Mine) continues to return High Grades

July 5, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals applies for environmental permit for Kevitsa, Finland Nickel-Copper-PGE property

July 4, 2007: Dragon Mining commences production from the Orivesi gold mine, SW Finland

July 4, 2007: Prefeasibility study indicates high profitability for Laiva (Laivakangas) gold project in western Finland (in Swedish)

July 3, 2007: FinMetal Mining to start airborne geophysical surveys in its tenements in Finland

June 27, 2007: Vulcan Resources reports high-grade intersections from Peura-Aho Ni deposit, estern Finland

June 26, 2007: Belvedere Resources closes acquisition of the Hitura nickel mine

June 26, 2007: Vulcan resources announces a resource upgrade for the Kylylahti Co-Cu deposit, eastern Finland

June 25, 2007: Kemira GrowHow has two years to start niobium and phosphorus mining at Sokli, NE Finland

June 20, 2007: Endomines to drill and make ground geophysical surveys at its gold prospects in Ilomantsi greenstone belt, easternmost Finland (in Swedish)

June 20, 2007: FinMetal Mining signs definitive agreement to acquire 51% of Hälvälä nickel mine

June 19, 2007: Outotec Oy to desing open pit and processing plant at the Scandinavian Minerals' Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, N Finland

June 19, 2007: Northland Resources getting more funding in iron-copper-gold exploration in Finland

June 19, 2007: Nortec Ventures reports on drilling at the Koillismaa-Näränkä Ni-Cu-PGE project, NE Finland

June 18, 2007: Belvedere Resources reports on the first shipment of ore from the newly opened Särkiniemi Ni mine, central Finland

June 15, 2007: Adriana Resources gains more funding for exploration in Finland

June 13, 2007: Talvivaara’s Board approves investment plan for the Talvivaara nickel project development

June 13, 2007: Belvedere Resources reports on significant intersections at Ängesneva and Kopsa prospects in western Finland

June 13, 2007: Dragon Mining has started resource evaluation for the Stormi and Ekojoki Ni-Cu deposits, SW Finland

June 8, 2007: Endomines secures funding for gold projects in eastern Finland (in Swedish)

June 6, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals successful in getting more funding for the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE project

June 5, 2007: Local town council to start infrastructure planning for the area including the Laivakangas gold deposit held by Nordic Mines in western Finland (in Swedish)

June 4, 2007: Belvedere has started mining at the Särkiniemi nickel deposit, central Finland

June 1, 2007: North American Palladium's drilling at the Narkaus PGE property in Finland confirms high grade reef and contact style mineralisation

May 31, 2007: Mawson Resources applies for a claim for the Nuottijärvi uranium occurrence in central Finland (44 KB)

May 30, 2007: Adriana Resouces starts scoping study on the Mustavaara Fe-Ti-V mining property in eastern Finland

May 30, 2007: Nortec Ventures starts drilling in the Koillismaa-Näränkä Ni-Cu-PGE prospect, NE Finland

May 30, 2007: Talvivaara Mining Company getting significant funding through London Stock Exchange for the Talvivaara nickel mine in eastern Finland

May 28, 2007: Belvedere Resources completed the acquisition of Finn Nickel Ltd

May 25, 2007: Attu Zinc Ltd. granted exploration permit for area including the closed Orijärvi copper-zinc mine

May 25, 2007: Dragon Mining reports on high-grade intercepts at Orivesi gold deposit, SW Finland

May 25, 2007: FinMetal Mining to acquire majority of Hälvälä nickel deposit in SE Finland

May 21, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds update on exploration in central and eastern Finland

May 18, 2007: Outokumpu to participate in the Talvivaara nickel mining project in Finland

May 16, 2007: Nordic Mines makes a claim on the Oltava gold occurrence in western Finland (in Swedish)

May 16, 2007: Endomines to raise funding for gold projects in eastern Finland (in Swedish)

May 15, 2007: FinMetal Mining to start geophysical survey and drilling at the Tainiovaara Ni prospect, eastern Finland

May 14, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals to get more funding for the Keivitsa Ni-Cu-PGE project

May 11, 2007: Vulcan reports high grade intersections from the Peura-Aho Ni project, NE Finland

May 10, 2007: Talvivaara announces intention to seek listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange

May 9, 2007: Agnico-Eagle: at Suurikuusikko the mineralised zone extends more than 1 km below the surface, and another gold zone discovered along strike

May 8, 2007: ScanMining reports on a new quarterly production record, 135 kg gold, for the Pahtavaara gold mine, northern Finland (in Swedish)

May 3, 2007: Agricola Resources applies new tenements in uranium-potential areas in estern Finland

April 30, 2007: Karelian Diamonds exploration update on kimberlite prospects in eastern Finland

April 30, 2007: Dragon Mining update on exploration in Finland

April 27, 2007: Northland update on iron-copper-gold exploration in Finland

April 26, 2007: Lappland Goldminers secures significant funding for the Haveri gold project, SW Finland

April 26, 2007: Vulcan Resources quarterly report on company projects in Finland

April 26, 2007: Belvedere Resources secures significant funding for developing Ni projects in Finland

April 24, 2007: FinMetal Mining to start exploration campaign in Finland

April 18, 2007: Sunrise updates diamond exploration in eastern Finland

April 17, 2007: Nordic Mines updates resource for the Tormua gold project, NE Finland (in Swedish)

April 17, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals commences Bankable Feasibility Study for Kevitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE Property

April 16, 2007: Northland Resources contract Corus Consulting to investigate beneficiation and marketing of Hannukainen iron-copper-gold ore

April 13, 2007: Rock Geochemical Database of entire Finland, compiled by GTK, now available

April 11, 2007: Lappland Goldminers acquires the Haveri gold project in SW Finland

April 11, 2007: Northern Lion sells its Finnish subsidiary, with the Haveri gold project, to Lappland Goldminers

April 10, 2007: Nortec to drill TDEM anomalies in its Koillismaa-Näränkä Ni-Cu-PGE project, NE Finland

April 4, 2007: FinMetal Mining completed due diligence on acquiring the Poronmännikkö and Särkiahonkangas gold prospects, northern Finland

March 30, 2007: Taranis Resources reports on discovery of a new copper-gold zone at Kettukuusikko, northern Finland

March 29, 2007: Talvivaara Mining Company: Finnish authorities grant environmental permit to Talvivaara nickel mine

March 26, 2007: Nortec Ventures to get more funding for nickel and PGE exploration in Finland

March 26, 2007: Dragon Mining reports on encouraging intercepts form the Orivesi gold mine and the Kellolaki gold prospect

March 25, 2007: Belvedere signs final agreement to acquire Outokumpu Mining Oy's Hitura nickel mine and the remaining 55% of Finn Nickel

March 23, 2007: Nordic Mines applies for mining permit for the Laivakangas gold deposit, western Finland (in Swedish)

March 20, 2007: Vulcan intercepts 6 metres of massive sulphides at the Peura-Aho Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, eastern Finland

March 8, 2007: Nordic Mines announces increased resource at the Laivakangas gold deposit, western Finland (in Swedish)

March 2, 2007: Hirsikangas gold prospect in western Finland and Satulinmäki gold prospect in SW Finland now offered for international tender by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland

March 1, 2007: Scandinavian Minerals announces further positive drill results from the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, northern Finland

February 28, 2007: Finn Nickel reports a new resource estimate, with increased metal grades, for the Valkeisenranta nickel deposit, central Finland

February 27, 2007: Karelian Diamonds exploration update on kimberlite prospects in eastern Finland

February 27, 2007: Northland Resources reports encouraging results from drilling at Hannukainen iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, NW Finland

February 22, 2007: The Ministry of Trade and Industry invites interested parties to a briefing about the current affairs in the Finnish mining sector during the PDAC convention in Toronto

February 21, 2007: Vulcan Resources announced deep intersections at Kylylahti indicating potential for extending mine life

February 19, 2007: Belvedere Resources announced extensive gold intersection at Kiimala property

February 13, 2007: Drillcon takes over Suomen Malmi Oy (in Swedish)

February 13, 2007: Belvedere to acquire the Hitura nickel mine from Outokumpu Mining, and the remaining 55 % of Finn Nickel Ltd

February 12, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds to raise funding for intesifying diamond exploration in Finland

February 9, 2007: FinMetal Mining to acquire Magnus Minerals Oy with more than 40, mostly nickel, prospects across Finland

February 6, 2007: Nortec Ventures detects strong conductors from the Koillismaa-Näränkä Ni-Cu-PGE prospect area, NE Finland

January 31, 2007: Adriana Resources reports on beneficiation and metallurical test work on the Mustavaara Fe-Ti-V deposit, NE Finland

January 30, 2007: Quarterly report by Vulcan Resources

January 30, 2007: Dragon Mining's quarterly report on mine development and exploration for gold and nickel in Finland

January 26, 2007: Sunrise Diamonds gives an update on its exploration activities in Finland

January 25, 2007: GTK releases new high-resolution airborne geophysical data on Finland

January 23, 2007: Cooper Minerals gets exploration licences for Kouvervaara uranium prospect, Kuusamo, NE Finland

January 23, 2007: Gondwana Energy to acquire two gold prospects in Finland

January 18, 2007: Agricola Resources detects new uranium targets in eastern Finland

January 17, 2007: Cooper Minerals reports on results of soil radon survey in uranium prospect areas, eastern Finland

January 17, 2007: Increase in resource in the Kylylahti copper-cobalt deposit reported by Vulcan Resources

January 16, 2007: Karelian Diamonds awarded a number of exploration licences for localities in eastern Finland

January 16, 2007: Northland reports further encouraging results from drilling at the Hannukainen iron-copper-gold deposit, NW Finland

January 15, 2007: Gondwana Energy Ltd moves head office to Finland

January 10, 2007: Nortec Ventures announces preliminary results on airborne TDEM survey at the Koillismaa-Näränkävaara Ni-Co-PGE prospect, NE Finland

January 9, 2007: Gondwana Energy invests in base metal exploration in Finland

January 5, 2007: Environmental permit for Keliber Oy for lithium production from the Länttä deposit, western Finland (in Finnish), see Permit (92 KB) and Keliber's notice (59 KB)

January 5, 2007: Cooper Minerals closes acquisition of Namura Finland

January 2, 2007: Yukon Resources changes name to Uranium Star

January 2, 2007: Cooper Minerals agreement for Namura Finland

January 2, 2007: Finn Nickel reports on significant intersections at Valkeisenranta Ni deposit, central Finland

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