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Exploration news 2005

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December 27, 2005: Boliden to strengthen its copper position in Europe

December 19, 2005: Finn Nickel Ltd has opened Internet pages on their nickel prospects in Finland

December 16, 2005: Dragon Mining is aiming to raise up to $A35 million to fund the development of two gold mines in southern Finland

December 15, 2005: The Gold Potential of Finland David Groves' presentation in FEM 2005

December 14, 2005: Sunrise Diamonds acquires exclusive use of BHP Billiton's diamond exploration database for the whole Finland

December 12, 2005: Agricola and Cooper Minerals plan to form a JV on Paukkajanvaara uranium deposit, eastern Finland

December 8, 2005: GTK releases new high-resolution airborne geophysical data on Finland

December 1, 2005: Talvivaara Mining Company has formed a financial consortium to secure financing for bankable feasibility study of the Talvivaara nickel deposit

November 25, 2005: Ritakallio gold prospect in SW Finland now offered for international tender by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland

November 18, 2005: A Finnish handbook for mine closure published jointly by Outokumpu, Finnish Road Enterprise, Soil and Water Ltd, GTK and VTTHandbook for mine closure (in Finnish)

November 16, 2005: Northland Resources closes $2.5 million financing for exploration in Finland and Sweden

November 14, 2005: AREVA applies for uranium exploration licences in Finland

November 11, 2005: Hartleys Ltd evaluation on Kylylahti Cu-Co project in eastern Finland

November 10, 2005: Vulcan Resources to start full feasibility study at Kylylahti Cu-Co deposit, eastern Finland

November 7, 2005: Northland Resources identifies major copper–gold target at Hannukainen mine, Finland

November 7, 2005: Riddarhyttan has been approved de-listing from Stockholm stock exchange due to Agnico-Eagle acquiring more than 96 per cent of Riddarhyttan shares

November 3, 2005: Northern Lion Gold exploration update: new gold targets identified locally at Haveri and along Tampere Schist Belt, in southern Finland

November 2, 2005: Scandinavian Gold secures significant funding for its Keivitsa nickel-copper-PGE project in northern Finland

October 31, 2005: Dragon Mining has started underground work to re-start mining at the Orivesi gold mine, southern Finland

October 24, 2005: Vulcan Resources reports on feasibility studies at Kylylahti Cu-Co deposit and on drilling in eastern Finland Ni prospects

October 24, 2005: Agnico-Eagle increasing ownership Riddarhyttan Resources to 96.6%

October 18, 2005: North American Palladium and Gold Fields announce option/joint venture on the Arctic Platinum Project

October 17, 2005: Agricola reports on results of trenching at Hautajärvi U prospect, northeastern Finland

October 13, 2005: Sunrise finds micro-diamonds in new kimberlite cluster at Kuusamo, Finland

October 12, 2005: Agnico-Eagle has increased its ownership of Riddarhyttan to 91%

October 7, 2005: Agricola to start drilling next week in the Hautajärvi (Energy Ridge) uranium prospect in northern Finland

October 4, 2005: Agricola Resources: Preliminary high-grade results from trenching and bedrock sampling form an uranium prospect in Northern Finland

October 3, 2005: Scandinavian Gold has commenced a new pre-feasibility study at the Keivitsa Ni-Cu-PGE project in northern Finland

September 29, 2005: Agnico-Eagle extends the offer period for Riddarhyttan shares until October 11, 2005 (Press release by Agnico-Eagle)

September 21, 2005: Vulcan to start a new drilling campaign at Kylylahti, eastern Finland

September 19, 2005: Agricola Resources announces discovery of an uranium occurrence in northern Finland

September 19, 2005: Outokumpu has sold the remaining of its Boliden shares

September 19, 2005: European Diamonds Plc: Encouraging results of sampling from the Area 3 Kimberlite in central Finland

September 14, 2005: The Board of Directors in Riddarhyttan supports public offer from Agnico-Eagle

September 7, 2005: North American Gold becomes Northland Resources

September 7, 2005: Belvedere reports on new drilling results from Kuusamo, E Finland, and from Rantasalmi, SE Finland

September 6, 2005: Scandinavian Gold Limited: Confirmation of metallurgical breakthrough at Keivitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE property

September 1, 2005: Vulcan reports more nickel hits in Finland

August 26, 2005: Dragon concludes Finland nickel alliance with Inco Ltd

August 25, 2005: Taranis Resources announces strategic alliance with Royal Gold, Inc. in Finland & joint venture on Kettukuusikko property

August 24, 2005: Northern Lion completes latest phase of drilling at the Haveri Gold Project

August 23, 2005: ScanMining reports on gold production at Pahtavaara and on exploration activities in northern Finland

August 23, 2005: North American Gold acquires more iron oxide-copper-gold targets in Finland

August 22, 2005: Vulcan raises $1.65 million to expand drilling campaign for base metals in Finland

August 19, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources: Quarterly report April–June 2005

August 15, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources reports on new results on drilling at the Suurikuusikko gold deposit in northern Finland

August 3, 2005: Vulcan Resources: Kylylahti copper resource increases 120%

August 2, 2005: Agricola Resources investigating a potential iron oxide-copper-gold prospect in northern Finland

August 1, 2005: Sunrise Diamonds reports on discovery of two new kimberlites at Kuusamo, eastern Finland

July 29, 2005: Tertiary Minerals reports on a new copper-PGE-gold prospect in Finland

July 26, 2005: Vulcan Resources reports on new nickel sulphide intercepts with high PGE values from Hietaharju, eastern Finland

July 19, 2005: Sunrise Diamonds reports on finding key kimberlite indicator minerals at five targets in northern Finland

July 19, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources reports on new drill results and resource calculations from the Suurikuusikko gold deposit

July 19, 2005: Vulcan Resources hits massive nickel sulphides in Kuhmo greenstone belt, eastern Finland

July 18, 2005: Agricola Resources reports on high uranium values from boulders near Paukkajanvaara, eastern Finland

July 14, 2005: European Diamonds reports on discovery of a new kimberlite occurrence in central Finland

July 4, 2005: Agricola Resources has detected four new areas of potential uranium occurrence near Paukkajanvaara, eastern Finland

June 28, 2005: Dragon Mining decided to develop gold mine in Finland

June 23, 2005: Scandinavian Gold Limited: Further higher-grade intercepts at Keivitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE Property

June 20, 2005: Vulcan Resources: Drilling at Kylylahti Copper Project exceeds expectations

June 14, 2005: Scandinavian Gold: Bench tests indicate that smelter-grade concentrates can be produced from the Keivitsa Ni-Cu-PGE ore, northern Finland

June 1, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources: The resource now above 3 Moz gold at Suurikuusikko, northern Finland

June 1, 2005: Northern Lion Gold: New drilling deepens the Breakthrough Zone lode in the Haveri gold deposit, southern Finland

May 26, 2005: Taranis Resources announces wide gold intercepts at its Kettukuusikko prospect, northern Finland

May 24, 2005: Scandinavian Gold, Keivitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE Property: Mini-pilot tests successfully completed and samples shipped to major companies

May 12, 2005: Agricola Resources plc granted new claims in Finland for uranium

May 12, 2005: Recommendation from the Board of Directors of Riddarhyttan Resources to accept the offer of Agnico Eagle Mines

May 12, 2005: Agnico-Eagle Mines makes an exchange offer to the shareholders of Riddarhyttan Resources for all of the outstanding shares

May 10, 2005: Agricola Resources plc to start uranium exploration in Finland

May 5, 2005: Scandinavian Gold reports: Drilling provides additional high-grade intercepts at the Keivitsa Ni-Cu-PGE occurrence, northern Finland

May 4, 2005: AREVA applies for reservation claims for uranium exploration in Finland

May 4, 2005: Tertiary Minerals: Drilling indicates extension for the Kaaresselkä gold mineralisation, northern Finland

April 29, 2005: Dragon Mining reports new ore-grade intersections at the Kaapelinkulma gold prospect, southern Finland

April 28, 2005: Gold Fields scales down the Arctic Platinum project, northern Finland (see page 8 "Arctic platinum project")

April 27, 2005: Northern Lion Gold reports on new high-grade gold sections at Haveri, southern Finland

April 27, 2005: Vulcan Resources reports on pre-feasibility study proceeding at the Kylylahti copper project, eastern Finland

April 21, 2005: Vulcan Resources announces the launch of a nickel exploration campaign in Finland

April 21, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources updates the exploration at the Suurikuusikko gold deposit, northern Finland

April 21, 2005: European Diamonds to start bulk sampling in Finland to test for diamond grade and values

April 18, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources reports on new positive drill results from the Suurikuusikko gold deposit in northern Finland

April 18, 2005: Taranis Resources reports on discovery of a high-grade gold mineralisation at the Kettukuusikko North zone, northern Finland

April 14, 2005: North American Gold reports on acquring twelve exploration reservations in iron oxide-copper-gold-potential region in Northern Finland

April 11, 2005: Vulcan Resources Ltd.: Drilling commences at Kylylahti Copper Project

April 5, 2005: Taranis Resources reports on wide gold-mineralised zones at the Kettukuusikko South zone, northern Finland

March 29, 2005: North American Gold acquires multiple iron deposits/IOCG targets in northern Finland

March 15, 2005: Northern Lion Gold Corp: New gold zone discovered at Haveri – follow-up drilling to begin immediately

March 10, 2005: Tertiary reports second phase drilling at Kaaresselkä, northern Finland, extends higher grade gold mineralisation at depth

March 4, 2005: Open for international tender: Sakiatieva gold prospect, and Haukiaho and Kaukua PGE-Cu-Ni-Au prospects in northern Finland

March 4, 2005: Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) releases preliminary information on the Ritakallio gold prospect

March 3, 2005: Belvedere commences spring drilling and acquires new gold properties in Finland

March 3, 2005: Riddarhyttan Resources: New resource calculation at Suurikuusikko gold deposit, northern Finland, increases the resource to 2.8 Moz

March 2, 2005: Exploration geodata from Outokumpu Mining Oy becomes available

February 28, 2005: Scandinavian Gold intercepts 184 metres of nickel-copper-PGE mineralisation at Keivitsa, northern Finland

February 24, 2005: Dragon reports of increased resource for Jokisivu and Orivesi gold deposits in southern Finland

February 23, 2005: Scandinavian Gold announces positive metallurgical test results from its Keivitsa nickel-copper-PGE property in Finland

February 21, 2005: Vulcan Resources Ltd has acquired the Saramaki and Vuonos copper deposits in the Outokumpu mining camp in eastern Finland

February 16, 2005: Riddarhyttan reports on several ore bodies at the Suurikuusikko gold deposit extending to deeper levels

February 14, 2005: Riddarhyttan reports on new drilling results from the Suurikuusikko gold deposit, northern Finland

February 8, 2005: Northern Lion Gold Corp: New Haveri drilling extends gold mineralization at Peltosaari and Mine West Zones

January 31, 2005: Dragon's gold deposits in southern Finland: updated resource at Jokisivu and the first resource data for the new lode at Orivesi

January 25, 2005: Drilling activities scheduled to commence on Taranis Resources Inc.'s Kettukuusikko gold property in Finland

January 12, 2005: Vulcan Resources Limited: Pre-feasibility study commenced Kylylahti copper-cobalt deposit, Finland

January 12, 2005: ScanMining's Pahtavaara mine, in northern Finland, produced 1060 kg gold in 2004 (in Swedish)

January 11, 2005: Belvedere reports extensive mineralised sections from gold-copper±cobalt prospects at Kopsa and Kuusamo, Finland

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