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Exploration news 2004

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December 23, 2004: Dragon Mining reports on indicated resource of 0.36 Mt @ 8.2 g/t Au (cut grade) for the new Sarvisuo lode of the Orivesi mine, southern Finland

December 21, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources reports on increase in resource and discovery of a new lode at Suurikuusikko gold deposit in northern Finland

December 9, 2004: Tertiary Minerals update on gold and diamond exploration in Finland

December 9, 2004: Purchase of Finnish copper-cobalt, nickel and platinum assets of Dragon Mining by Vulcan Resources Ltd completed

December 3, 2004: Cambrian Mining Plc allies with Vulcan Resources Ltd to develop base-metal deposits in Finland

November 30, 2004: Scandinavian Gold to conduct further drilling of Ni-PGE pipes at Keivitsa, northern Finland

November 19, 2004: Drilling by Northern Lion Gold indicates ore extending further to the west of the Haveri gold mine, southern Finland

November 18, 2004: Drilling by ScanMining indicates significant extension of ore to the west and a new mineralized zone to the east of the Pahtavaara gold mine, northern Finland (in Swedish)

November 18, 2004: Tertiary resumes drilling at Kaaresselkä gold project in Northern Finland

November 4, 2004: Study confirms kimberlites in exploration claims of Tertiary Minerals tapped diamond-favourable source rocks

November 2, 2004: Nordic Diamonds reports of more micro diamonds from Kuopio–Kaavi region, Finland

November 1, 2004: Tertiary reports on work on Kattaisenvaara diamond prospect, and Pitkäjarvi and Tiaskuru gold prospects, Finland

October 29, 2004: Dragon reports significant potential extension at depth in the Jokisivu and Sarvisuo projects in Finland

October 27, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources: July - September quarterly report

October 25, 2004: Taranis Resources has acquired the Kettukuusikko gold property in northern Finland

October 20, 2004: GTK releases new high-resolution airborne geophysical data on Finland

October 18, 2004: Dragon Mining has raised $12.5 million to fund the feasibility studies at the Orivesi and Jokisivu projects and advance the Pampalo project in Finland

October 17, 2004: European Diamonds hits pay dirt in Finland

October 13, 2004: Vulcan acquires copper-cobalt, nickel and platinum assets in Finland

October 13, 2004: Dragon Mining has sold its base metal and PGE projects in Finland to Vulcan Resources

October 13, 2004: ScanMining reports of a new production record and higher than expected gold grades from Pahtavaara mine, northern Finland (in Swedish)

October 12, 2004: European Diamonds reports on finding more macro diamonds from the Lahtojoki kimberlite in Finland

October 12, 2004: Scandinavian Gold reports of extensive Cu-Au mineralised hydrothermal system at Tepsa, northern Finland

October 7, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources announces drill results for Suurikuusikko and a new issue of shares

October 6, 2004: Belvedere Resources reports drilling in its gold prospects in Finland

October 6, 2004: Dragon Mining NL: State grants approved for Pampalo gold project

October 5, 2004: Northern Lion acquires 100% of Haveri

October 1, 2004: Diamond Fields not to proceed with the acquisition of the Finland diamond licenses

September 30, 2004: Dragon reports more high grade drilling results at the Jokisivu gold deposit

September 14, 2004: Scandinavian Gold reports on exploration results form Keivitsa Ni-Cu-PGE and Tepsa and Vuotso gold prospects

September 13, 2004: BGS and GTK to operate a joint airborne geoscience capability

September 9, 2004: Exploration geodata of Outokumpu Mining Oy to be transferred to the Geological Survey of Finland and put into public domain

August 31, 2004: Outokumpu aiming for number one position in stainless steel – looking for options to divest copper products

August 25, 2004: Northern Lion commences phase IV exploration at Haveri

August 23, 2004: ScanMining: Higher than expected gold grades, recovery grade at 96%, more ore indicated for open pit mining in the Pahtavaara mine (in Swedish)

August 23, 2004: Tertiary finds more kimberlite in Finland – lab results released on first target

August 18, 2004: European Diamonds report of significant number of macrodiamonds from drill samples from the Lahtojoki Pipe in Finland

August 18, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources – Half year report January-June 2004

August 11, 2004: Belvedere reserves new ground in Finland in two separate areas

August 4, 2004: Northern Lion earns initial 51% of Haveri

July 21, 2004: Northern Lion Gold reports an extension of the Peltosaari Zone in its Haveri gold project, southern Finland

July 20, 2004: Nordic Diamonds: Russian sampling team commences work in Finland

July 16, 2004: Dragon Mining NL has received environmental approval for the Jokisivu gold mine

July 15, 2004: Diamond Fields announces acquisition of drill-ready diamond exploration properties in Finland

July 15, 2004: Tertiary discovers new kimberlite body at Finnish diamond target

July 8, 2004: Scandinavian Gold receives positive metallurgical test results from Keivitsa Nickel-Copper-PGE property

July 7, 2004: Northern Lion Gold reports of a discovery of another high-grade lode at its Haveri project

July 6, 2004: Belvedere reports of a significant gold-cobalt-copper mineralization intersected on its Kouvervaara and Säynäjävaara properties at Kuusamo in northern Finland

July 6, 2004: Mokuti Mining decided not to proceed with the acquisition of the base metal assets of Dragon Mining

July 6, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources has lodged a patent application for an economically attractive and environmentally friendly detox process (the ROLB process)

June 30, 2004: North American Gold enters into property option/joint venture for gold exploration in Finland

June 30, 2004: Dragon Mining reports significant gold grades from its Jokisivu, Orivesi and Hanhimaa projects

June 28, 2004: Nordic expands land position in Finland

June 28, 2004: Inmet Mining and Aur Resources agree to terminate merger agreement

June 24, 2004: Scandinavian Gold to drill Tepsa copper-gold prospect in July 2004

June 23, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources launches an aggressive exploration program in Suurikuusikko (Finland)

June 17, 2004: Tertiary Minerals hits high-grade gold mineralisation in drilling at Kaaresselkä, northern Finland

June 16, 2004: Conroy plans to demerge diamond interests

June 14, 2004: Tertiary begins drilling of diamond target in Finland's Karelian Craton

June 3, 2004: Production record at ScanMining’s gold mine in Pahtavaara

May 26, 2004: Northern Lion Gold: Additional gold mineralisation intersected at Haveri

May 20, 2004: Dragon to sell Base Metal and Platinum Group Metal projects in Finland

May 17, 2004: Nordic Diamonds reports on microdiamond results from Finland diamond project Kuopio-Kaavi region, Central Finland

May 5, 2004: Aur Resources and Inmet Mining to merge to create a US $1 billion mining company

April 30, 2004: Dragon reports on new high-grade gold intersections in a new lode at Orivesi Mine

April 28, 2004: European Diamonds Plc: The Lahtojoki diamond-bearing kimberlite acquired in central Finland; Drilling on a new target to commence at Lentiira, eastern Finland

April 22, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources welcomes the Canadian company Agnico-Eagle Gold Mines into the company as a major shareholder

April 22, 2004: Agnico-Eagle Announces Strategic Acquisition of Stake in Riddarhyttan Resources AB

April 21, 2004: Riddarhyttan: New calculation increases the gold resources at Suurikuusikko

April 20, 2004: Belvedere Resources has started a drilling campaign and geophysical survey in gold prospects in Kuusamo

April 15, 2004: Nordic Diamonds analyses Finnish pipes 12 and 21 for diamond content

April 6, 2004: Tertiary reports work at Kaaresselkä gold prospect, on eastern Finland diamond exploration and a request for due-dilligence review for the Rosendal tantalum project

April 5, 2004: Northern Lion Gold: Initial drilling at Haveri intersects significant gold mineralization

March 31, 2004: European Diamonds has detected new strong indications for diamondiferous kimberlites in eastern and central Finland

March 22, 2004: Nordic Diamonds Ltd. has completed its Kuopio-Kaavi diamond project drill program

March 18, 2004: Scandinavian Gold commences metallurgical testing of Keivitsa Ni-PGE ore

March 12, 2004: Scandinavian Gold completes successful IPO for advancing Keivitsa project in Northern Finland

February 27, 2004: Kettukuusikko gold prospect in Central Lapland now offered for tender by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland

February 17, 2004: Dragon completes a $12 million placement to help fund major exploration and development programs

January 29, 2004: Tertiary to start drilling in the Kaaresselkä gold prospect in northern Finland

January 27, 2004: Tertiary adds Karelian craton diamond target to Finnish exploration portfolio

January 22, 2004: Belvedere Resources reports on extended gold mineralisation at Kouvervaara, northeastern Finland

January 22, 2004: Riddarhyttan Resources: Result from Suurikuusikko in-fill drilling

January 21, 2004: Dragon Mining reports on an improved resource estimate for the Jokisivu gold deposit

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