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Exploration news 2002

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December 18, 2002: Riddarhyttan reports new positive exploration results

December 16, 2002: Paroc Group shares sold to Banc of America Equity Partners

December 12, 2002: Riddarhyttan Resources AB: New resource estimate shows more than 2 million ounces gold in the Suurikuusikko deposit in Finland

December 9, 2002: Tertiary hopes to establish first tantalum operation near birthplace of metal in Finland

December 4, 2002: NAN withdraws from the Koillismaa project

December 4, 2002: NK-Holding Oy Ab: Finnish investor group to become Nordkalk's new owner

November 12, 2002: Gold Fields not to proceed with the proposed gold venture collaboration and private placement with European Diamonds

November 7, 2002: The Iso-Sorro carbonate rock deposit transferred to Nordkalk Co.

November 7, 2002: Riddarhyttan quarterly report

November 5, 2002: Riddarhyttan reports new positive exploration results from the Main Zone at Suurikuusikko

November 5, 2002: Vision Gate Ventures Limited enters into option agreement for Haveri gold properties, Finland

November 1, 2002: Riddarhyttan receives environmental permit for mining and processing at Suurikuusikko

October 31, 2002: European Diamonds PLC: Multiple kimberlite discoveries in Finland

October 24, 2002: Poplar Resources reports further update on Finnish Diamond Project

October 23, 2002: Tertiary takes major initiative in Finland to search for Olympic Dam style iron oxide-copper-gold deposits

October 14, 2002: Outokumpu has acquired 99.8 percent of the shares of Avesta Polarit

October 11, 2002: Riddarhyttan investigates financing alternatives for Suurikuusikko

September 19, 2002: European Diamonds PLC (EPD) announce collaborative venture with Gold Fields on EPD's mineral properties in central Finland

September 9, 2002: ScanMining has recently acquired the Pahtavaara gold mine and a number of exploration claims in the North of Finland (in Swedish)

August 21, 2002: Kairineva ilmenite deposit for international tender

August 20, 2002: Poplar Resources reports update on Finnish Diamond Project

August 15, 2002: New tantalum-bearing pegmatite discovered at Rosendal, SW Finland

August 12, 2002: ScanMining on negotiations on purchasing the Pahtavaara gold mine (in Swedish)

August 1, 2002: Gold Fields and Outokumpu announce increased total resources of 14.4 million ounces in Arctic Platinum Partnership

July 29, 2002: Platinova Resourses and Scandinavian Gold Prospecting intent to combine businesses

July 16, 2002: Prominent North American and Asian institutional gold funds to invest in Riddarhyttan Resources AB

July 8, 2002: Riddarhyttan: Encouraging new results from an on-going drill campaign on the Suurikuusikko Trend

July 2, 2002: European Diamonds PLC: Another macrodiamond discovery in surface sampling. Drilling confirms extensive Kimberlitic breccia system at Lentiira

July 1, 2002: Outokumpu to acquire full ownership of AvestaPolarit

May 20, 2002: Tertiary's latest drilling increases grade by 77p.c. at Rosendal tantalum project.

May 16, 2002: Loukinen Au-Ni-Cu prospect and Rytky Ni occurrence for international tender.

April 29, 2002: South Atlantic Ventures: Arctic Platinum Partnership to acquire South Atlantic's Nordic Platinum Project in Finland

April 16, 2002: Poplar Resources acquires diamondiferous pipes in Finland

March 26, 2002: Riddarhyttan Resources AB: Rich mineralisation (18.3 grams of gold per tonne) at a depth of 320 meters in Suurikuusikko shows that the main occurrence has a significant depth extent

March 22, 2002: European Diamonds PLC: Extensive kimberlite breccia complex discovered at Lentiira in Finland. Chemistry similar to the diamondiferous kimberlites of the Arkhangelsk Province of Russia.

March 19, 2002: Outokumpu Oyj: Sale of Pyhäsalmi mine to Inmet concluded

March 11, 2002: Results of deep drilling by Belvedere at Kaskela

February 11, 2002: Gold Fields and Outokumpu announce new PGE resources of 5.1 million ounces in the SK Reef at Arctic Platimun Partnership

January 17, 2002: Troy Resources NL: Drill Results from the Cornishman and Oijärvi Projects

January 10, 2002: Sander Geophysics and the Geological Survey of Finland sign cooperative agreement

January 8, 2002: Tertiary Minerals plc.: Independent scoping study indicates payback in little more than two years and an IRR of 33% for Tertiary's Rosendal tantalum project

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