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Fennoscandian Mineral Deposits application, Ore Deposits database and Maps

Essential information on a still under-explored region

  • The metallogenic map has been published in December 2009 and the industrial mineral map in August 2013. The metallic deposit map has been updated in March 2013. The latest update of the database was done in May 2015.
  • The maps and the database have been compiled in a joint project between the geological surveys of Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The database contains information on nearly 1700 mines, deposits and significant occurrences across the region. By country, there is information on:
    - 354 deposits in Finland
    - 213 deposits in Norway
    - 247 deposits in Russia
    - 878 deposits in Sweden
  • The metallogenic map contains 168 major metallogenic areas. Of these 46 are completely or mostly in Finland, 40 in Norway, 41 in Russia, and 41 in Sweden; these include 24 areas that cross international borders. By metal group, there are:
    - 48 areas dominated by potential on ferrous metals (Fe, Mn, Ti, V, Cr),
    - 36 on copper, zinc or lead (Cu, Zn, Pb),
    - 31 on precious metals (Ag, Au, PGE),
    - 30 on nickel or cobalt (Ni, Co),
    - 11 on metals used in modern advanced technologies (Li, PGE, REE, Ta, Zr).
  • The new industrial mineral deposit map indicates nearly 600 mineral deposits in Fennoscandia, of which 110 are currently active mines. The number of closed mines is 223 and 250 have not been exploited at all. The deposits on the map represent 35 different mineral commodities, of which 16 are in production at present. Of the active mines and unexploited deposits, about 100 contain resources of critical minerals or minerals which contain critical metals. In total, the map indicates:
    - 112 deposits in Finland
    - 127 deposits in Norway
    - 120 deposits in Russia
    - 224 deposits in Sweden
  • Of all deposits listed in the database, if we exclude the 498 mostly very small historic mines, 61 % have not been exploited at all. However, a number of these might well be economic in the future with additional reserves based on further exploration.
  • There are 71 active mines, 16 large closed mines, 54 large unexploited deposits and 56 potentially large deposits in the database based on the relative value of the in situ metal contents. These include, by their most apparently significant commodity: 40 Fe, 34 Ni, 25 Au, 22 V, 14 REE, 13 Cr, 11 Cu, 7 Zn, 6 PGE, 5 Nb, 4 Ti, 4 U, 4 Mo, 4 Be, 3 apatite, 1 Co, and 1 Pb deposit. Naturally, a large majority of these also contain other potentially extractable commodities.
  • The FODD contains information on location, mining history, tonnage and commodity grades with a comment on data quality, geological setting, age, ore mineralogy, style of mineralisation, genetic models, and the primary sources of data. See the explanatory notes (540 KB) for the database. Please, note that the resource information for a deposit in the FODD is not necessarily in accordance with modern industrial standards (e.g. JORC and NI 43-101 codes), as such information only exists for some deposits recently explored or presently under exploitation.
  • Information on Critical metals and minerals in Fennoscandia  is now available:

    nuoli2aCritical metals and minerals in Fennoscandia

    The list of critical metals and minerals is mostly based on European Commission’s Raw Materials Initiative in 2008, in which 14 economically important metals and minerals, that are subject to a higher risk of supply interruption are labeled as critical (e.g. REE, PGE, Co, W, Be, fluorspar, graphite etc.).

Examples of data derived from the FODD:

nuoli2a Mines active in 2015 in Fennoscandia
nuoli2a Large metal mines in Fennoscandia
nuoli2a Large unexploited metal deposits in Fennoscandia
nuoli2a Potentially large unexploited deposits in Fennoscandia

nuoli2a FODD Disclaimer 
Fennoscandian Mineral Deposits application, Ore deposits database and Metallogenic map  



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Grängesberg iron mine grangesberg_openpit_captionS
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