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Diamond exploration services

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) has been providing customized, high quality diamond exploration services with complete confidentiality to companies both within Finland and abroad. We specialize in exploration techniques from regional through to prospect scales.

Geologists and geophysicists supported with modern GIS facilities are able to process geological and remote sensed data for structural analysis and area/target selection. We have considerable experience in airborne geophysical surveys.

Drift prospecting

GTK has a long and successful tradition of applying various drift prospecting techniques in mineral exploration. Our services include experienced Quaternary geologists for strategic planning of sampling and interpretation of glacial dispersion, as well as qualified and efficient field staff equipped to perform sampling projects in Finland and neighbouring countries.

Extraction of diamond indicator minerals

GTK has developed high recovery separation techniques for indicator minerals, including duplicated preconcentration with a modified Knelson concentrator, heavy medium removal of light minerals, and magnetic removal of magnetite and ilmenite from the heavy fraction.

Diamond indicator mineral selection is done by experienced technicians. The effectiveness of the procedure is continually monitored by the use of sample standards.

Mineralogical studies

Our Cameca SX50 microprobe offers rapid and cost-effective quantitative analysis of indicator minerals. Special software allows trace element analysis, such as Ni in garnets, down to 10 ppm concentrations. We can also draw mineral diagrams and carry out detailed petrographic studies.

Prospect scale investigations

GTK can perform various kinds of detailed investigations, including ground geophysical measurements, diamond drilling, drill core logging, trenching, petrographic analysis, chemical analysis, preliminary pipe modelling and environmental monitoring.



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