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FAQ - The list of frequently asked questions and our answers to them

I saw GTK's researchers doing fieldwork. Where can I find information about what they were there to study?

Naturally, you can always ask GTK's researchers about the research when you see them. The research projects are usually announced in the local media in advance, and press conferences will be arranged, if necessary. You can find information about our most significant research projects on our website, at GTK's News archive.

What am I allowed to do to search for ore, and where can I find information about the reservations and claims?

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) handles permits for ore exploration and gold washing. They also have the up-to-date maps. You can find more information and maps on TUKES's website.

Does GTK provide analyses of soil or rock material?

We now conduct chemical analyses of soil and bedrock material with our laboratory partners. GTK's Research Laboratory in Espoo conducts special analyses in geosciences, such as electron optics and micro-analytics as well as isotope research. In Outokumpu, the Mineral Processing Laboratory provides enrichment research services to cater for the needs of the mining industry.

I found an interesting / unusual stone in Finland. What should I do to get more information about it?

At first, you should read ‘Retkeilijän kiviopas’ (Hiker's stone guide) and its instructions for identifying minerals, which are available in Finnish on our ‘Kiviharrastus’ (Stone as a hobby) site. If you like, you can send the stone to be studied at the office that studies samples sent in by ordinary people. Please see instructions (in Finnish) at: ‘Lähetä kivinäyte’ (Send a stone sample).