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We consider it important that the results of research conducted by GTK are published on forums suitable for the results and their significance. One of the goals of scientific research is to produce new information that interests a large audience. For this purpose, international scientific journals are the best forum. This also ensures that the quality of the research is clearly evaluated and confirmed.

Publication in international or national peer-reviewed series is the most important form of publishing research results. Pre-publication review and public criticism from the scientific community ensures that publications are significant and of high scientific quality.

Peer-reviewed publications and articles of GTK´s authors in 2015

Peer-reviewed publications and articles of GTK´s authors in 2016

GTK's own series play a key part in publishing new and important national and region-specific information.

GTK's research directors are responsible for ensuring that publishing activities and pre-review procedures are conducted in an unbiased manner, are of high quality and follow sound scientific practices.

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