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Mineral policy

The well-planned and sustainable utilisation of our mineral resources secures the national raw material supply and creates the preconditions for balanced regional development long into the future. Through mineral sector competence, we can promote a globally resource-efficient and responsible mineral economy, as well as new international business activities.

The government’s ministerial working group on climate and energy policy began preparing the Natural Resource Strategy in December 2009. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy started a mineral strategy project as a part of this work. The goal of the project was to create suggestions for developing the sector and improving competitiveness while taking into account sustainable development, material-efficiency and decreasing overall environmental impacts. The work was completed in October 2010 when the Finnish Mineral Strategy was submitted to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mauri Pekkarinen. The project assessed extensively Finnish and international preconditions for development over the medium term and until 2050.

VISION 2050: Finland is a global pioneer in the sustainable utilisation of minerals, and the mineral sector is one of the foundations of the Finnish national economy.

GTK's role in the minerals sector

One of the main duties of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is to promote mineral exploration and mining in Finland. GTK is responsible for acquisition and management of geoscience information in Finland, with a particular emphasis on to providing high quality data to the exploration and mining sector. Through a comprehensive mapping and research program, GTK also identifies and documents areas with mineral potential, in order to encourage follow-up exploration and exploitation by the private sector, with the aim of supporting sustainable use of both bedrock resources and surficial deposits. All GTK discoveries are offered to the private sector through an open tendering process arranged by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Neither the Finnish Government nor GTK have any role in the downstream development of mineral deposits.

GTK offers the minerals industry expertise in Fennoscandian economic geology, as well as confidential, client-tailored exploration services, including geophysical surveys and modern chemical, mineralogical and mineral processing laboratory services, both within Finland and worldwide. 

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