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Construction rock material

Bedrock aggregate is aggregate cut from solid rock that is usually crushed and used for construction purposes. Depending on the use, bedrock aggregate can contain different kinds of fraction that can vary in size from fine grains to large boulders. Typical uses of bedrock aggregate include structure layers of roads and railroads and making concrete. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get high-quality esker aggregates, and it has lead to increased use of bedrock aggregates. The utilisation rate of replacement rock materials and secondary rock materials is also increasing. They include, for instance, recycled rock materials, demolition waste from the construction industry, and large volumes of gangue from excavation of natural stones.

Natural stone is stone used for construction. It is excavated from bedrock in large boulders and then refined mechanically into end products by, for example, cutting and polishing. The end products include tiles for outdoor and indoor use, border stones, stone blocks and dice-shaped stones. Stones are also used as details in interior design, fireplaces, table tops, decorative objects and environmental construction. The most common natural stones produced in Finland are granite, soapstone, and to a lesser extent, schists.

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