Geological Survey of Finland

Management and contact persons

Tel. +358 (0)29 503 0000


  tel. +358 (0)29 503....
Director General Mika Nykänen 2200
Personal Assistant to Director General Pirjo Vuorimies 2201
Director, Human Resources, Talent Management and Working Environments Helena Tammi 2220
Management Assistant Tarja Tuimala 2295
HRM Manager Saga Böhling-Niemelä 2230
HRD Manager  Riikka Mäki 2150
Director, Communications and Marketing Elina Ämmälä 2120
Marketing Assistant Satu Ojanen 2488
arrow Communications and Marketing  
Director, Science and Innovations Pekka Nurmi 2325
Director, Strategy  and Digital Innovations Mikko Eklund 2410
Head of strategy and planning (process) Saku Vuori 2459
Head of digital solutions and information management Heikki Olander 2110
Financial Manager Terhi Sääskilahti 2382
Director, Operative Units Olli Breilin 5200
Director, Projects and Customers Petri Lintinen 2244
Management Assistant Ida Bruins Slot 5201
Management Assistant Pirjo Nyyssönen 3205
Head of Project Development Raisa Neitola 5804
Head of International Cooperation Philipp Schmidt-Thomé 2163
Head of evaluation and renewal of core activity Raimo Nevalainen 3400
Programme Director, Mining Finland Harry Sandström 2224
Assistant Eeva-Kaisa Rantala 2170


Unit  Head of Unit  
Engineering Geology and Geoenergy Mikko Lamberg 2116 
Subsurface Construction and Waste Disposal Hannu Lahtinen 5260
Environmental Geology Jouni Pihlaja 4313
Marine Geology Jyrki Rantataro 2493
Ore Geology and Mineral Economics Pekka Tuomela 4220
Ore and Industrial Minerals Pasi Heino 3440
Mineral Processing and Materials Research Jouko Nieminen 2180
Peat Resources Samu Valpola 5245
Groundwater Jussi Ahonen 2146
Applied Geophysics Heikki Forss 3611
Industrial Environments and Recycling Päivi Kauppila 3715
Regional Geodata and Interpretation Jouni Vuollo 4206
Corporate Geodata Management Esa Kauniskangas 3277
Digital Products and Services Niina Ahtonen 3638

 Areas of scientific expertise and competence development

Mineral Potential Research Professor Raimo Lahtinen 2484
Geoinformatics Research Professor Vesa Nykänen 4306
Mine and industrial environments Research Professor Tommi Kauppila 3710
Hydrogeology Research Professor Daniele Pedretti 2111
Geomaterials and applied mineralogy Research Professor Alan Butcher 2240
Geoenergy Chief Expert Teppo Arola 2207
Geosciences for Underground Construction Chief Expert Heini Reijonen 2238



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