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Akseli Torppa, Head of Unit, Engineering Geology and Land Use

 Geology is involved in everything that is related to building and maintaining a modern society. My job is to research rock materials and natural rocks used in construction. In addition, I participate in various research projects related to rare earth metals and industrial minerals.

My work requires an advanced academic degree in Geology. It is also beneficial to study related natural sciences, especially chemistry, geophysics and mathematics. An interest in engineering might also be helpful for a geologist.

The work at the Geological Survey of Finland is very international, and one of the most interesting projects has been the development of a mineral laboratory and exporting research competence in Mongolia. The ground surveys conducted in the Gobi Desert and the Altai mountains were a particularly unforgettable and useful experience.

These international assignments are the best thing about the Geological Survey of Finland. It is also nice to work as a researcher for an organisation that provides the support of a vast network of experts from fields such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, data processing and modelling.

Akseli Torppa 
Head of Unit, Engineering Geology and Land Use GTK Kuopio



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