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Mari Kivinen, Researcher

My primary task at GTK is doing research in which I apply my geological expertise on societal themes. Essentially, my research involves collecting and interpreting research material, as well as publishing the results in domestic and international scientific journals. Most of my research is done in cooperation with, for example, universities and other research institutions; this means that my work requires good communication and cooperation skills. In addition to research, I also participate in preparing new projects. These tasks include writing funding applications and the comprehensive planning of projects.

I have a doctoral degree in geology. After starting to work at GTK I expanded my expertise towards applied geology. This means that in my work I apply geological knowledge to societal research. For example, the characteristics of an ore deposit residing within the Finnish bedrock are studied using the methods of geology. However, when we start planning the utilisation of this deposit, we are dealing with societal matters – I find this interface fascinating. In my practical work this might manifest itself, for example, as predicting land use related disagreements between different parties, such as local residents, municipalities and mining companies.

The best thing about my work is the feeling of finishing a publication or solving a hard problem. I also find the EU projects that I have participated in interesting due to their international character. Because of this, networking is also an essential part of my work.

Mari Kivinen
Researcher GTK Espoo



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