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Geology provides an experiential way of getting close to nature. It is the key to understanding nature’s entities. Demand for high-class destinations, programme services and nature experiences increases continuously. GTK offers its expertise in matters related to geotourism:

Geology also creates business opportunities
- new jobs in tourism, stone refining and camp schools
- making the distinguishing features of local nature a part of services
- add attractiveness and provide experiences in tourist centres, parks and schools
- education locations and information for schools and camp schools


Rokua Unesco Geopark 

Rokua Geopark, consisting of Rokua, Lake Ouluj√§rvi and Oulujoki Valley, is the first Finnish area that has been accepted as part of UNESCO’s Geopark Network. Rokua Geopark is also the northernmost of the 111 member regions of the Global Network of National Geoparks.

Strengths of Rokua Geopark include the clearly visible and well-researched ice age heritage, a wealth of tourism services and accommodation options, the Rokua National Park, Lake Ouluj√§rvi and other diverse hiking areas. During the past years, the park has built a permanent exhibition presenting the region, wrote the first book on Rokua, created teaching materials for environmental education and renewed the region’s hiking trails and their information signboards.

GTK has participated in developing Rokua Geopark from the beginning as a geological expert. This work has resulted in a number of cooperative projects and commercial projects for the region, as well as several important stakeholder contacts, and the work will continue in the future.

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