Geological Survey of Finland

Energy and climate politics

Increasing climate change has created new challenges for society, such as increased use of fossil fuels in energy production, heating, industry and transportation has increased the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. As an EU member, Finland adheres to the EU’s emission reduction objectives. Finland's energy and climate change strategy lists various ways to reduce emissions by 2020.

GTK meets the objective of the national strategy of increasing self-sufficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy sources in energy production. Central themes include industrial-grade peat resources, environmental impacts of production and utilising geoenergy, especially in the heating and cooling solutions of large premises. Furthermore, GTK’s research promotes finding disposal solutions for nuclear waste and the new location. One of the important research themes is adapting to climate change and cost-effective solutions. The focus of the project, carried out as Finnish and international cooperation, is on the Baltic Sea, its development and the solutions for using the seafloor. GTK also follows the international development related to storing carbon dioxide (CCS) and participates in the related European network cooperation of geological institutes to maintain expertise.


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